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A survivor of suicide, Brandarius has published his personal biography which reveals a deep and compelling story of hope and resilience.


His book titled ‘Mental Hope’ highlights the fact that: There is No Surgery For Depression. His readers will feel empowered to know there is always hope - even in their darkest moments.

This is why this Las Vegas native has designed a clothing brand called Day 1 Ambition that embodies messages like, 'The World Wouldn't Spin the Same Without You!' and the ‘Mental Hussle Continues’.


His personal mantra: 'Everyday Is Day 1' has inspired him and thousands of other people to continue to live the life they aspire!

I’m on a mission to help other people evolve through hope.


Brandarius' countless hours spent mentoring at alternative schools and working within the youth correctional system have fueled his passion to reach our youth before emotional trauma destroys their future possibilities. He believes that each of us was born with a purpose, that is specific and unique. So his self-awareness, self- acceptance; and self-assessment programs aim to deliver a powerful message that, “The World Wouldn’t Spin the Same Without You”.

After losing a close friend to suicide in 2014 Brandarius Johnson founded his brand Day 1 Ambition. He dedicated his life to advocating and raising awareness for mental health and suicide prevention. Tragedy-stricken, Brandarius didn’t know how he would overcome the situation he just knew giving up wasn’t an option. On one of the darkest days and lowest moments of his life he said to himself “Everyday Is Day 1! yesterday is gone, tomorrow may never come so focus on today!”


This mantra and personal philosophy has provided him and thousands of others the inspiration to keep living and fighting through the adversities of life. In September of 2020, he drew the attention of more than 40,000 people across the world while running 100 miles to raise awareness for those battling mental illness. His Heart to GIVE has been featured by Fox 5 News, and Channel 13 News. And, he has received acknowledgment from Congressman Steven Horseford, and Congresswoman Suzie Lee; along with a letter of support from North Las Vegas Councilwoman Pamela Brown.

Brandarius has published his personal biography which reveals a deeply compelling story of hope and resilience. ‘Mental Hope’ highlights the fact that: There is No Surgery For Depression. His readers will feel empowered to know there is always hope - even in your darkest moments. This is why this Las Vegas native has designed clothing branded with ”The World Wouldn’t Spin the Same Without You”, ‘Wrapped In Hope', and the ‘Mental Hussle Continues’. 

Brandarius Johnson has a mission to cultivate hope throughout the world, and this passionate social entrepreneur is building a team of professionals to aid him in delivering research-based services to a diverse client base.

Brandarius Speaks 


Brandarius Johnson is an experienced presenter who weaves a genuine realness into highly positive presentations that reach people in authentic and relatable ways.


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