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The Mental Hope Movement 

2 Mental Health Campaigns-in-1


Brandarius Johnson - Mental Hope Influencer


As the author of ‘Mental Hope’ and international speaker, Brandarius Johnson has a mission to help other people evolve by spreading love, encouraging growth, and giving back to those challenged by mental illness. His efforts thus far have garnered two Congressional letters of acknowledgment as well as multiple news features that have helped pollinate his uplifting message of hope.

Through the creation of his Wearable Awareness Strategy, Brandarius has created a line of engaging lifestyle wear for ambitious ambassadors who aspire to help pollinate the timeless and relatable messages of hope. 


This mental health initiative is comprised of two campaigns that serve to spark hope in individuals encountering them. Mr. Johnson’s personal message encourages others to Be The Hope someone might need. And through his partner institutions, his Wrapped In Hope inspire individuals to engage with his strategies that support mental health. 

These collaborative efforts aim to engage: (k-12) campuses, colleges, corporations, churches and congressional campaigns; all taking innovative steps to activate courageous conversations around mental health. These movements also aim to challenge the stigmas associated with mental health, reaching out, or seeking professional assistance before suicidal thoughts become a fatal reality.


Who is the HOPE movement targeting?

The everyday person experiencing a mental challenge

What branded item(s) will align with the targeted audiences?

Five custom T-shirts designs have been created to generate conversation and positive reaction 

   1.    Be The Hope
   2.    The World Wouldn’t Spin The Same Without You
   3.    The Mental Hustle Continues
   4.    Driven By Faith
   5.    Day 1 Ambition/Everyday Is Day 1

Where will people go to start their relationship to the movement, services and the products?

The  website will serve as the entry point for engaging with this exciting opportunity to re-cultivate Mental HOPE.

When will the campaign officially begin?

The campaign is set to began on 2/28/22, which is a number sequence that caries meaning and a message. 

Why has this movement been created?

To attract a squad of HOPE ambassadors who will influence others to emotionally  by spreading love, encouraging growth and giving back to their local communities



To avoid the unnecessary ditches dug by the family and friends of those whom have died by suicide.

How will it be of service and of help to the people it aims to serve?

-1  This movement will begin a conversation around mental illness that is very needed
-2 This movement will produce inspiring social media content to attract and sustain engagement
-3 This movement will offer graphic t-shirts that promote messages of hope in the community
-4 This movement will provide engaging presentations on Hope and important NAMI information 


You can enjoy this amazing movement by participating in one of the following ways:

   1.    Buy a shirt and help promote the message of hope
   2.    Buy the book and share its contents over a great conversation
   3.    Book a live zoom presentation help promote the Mental Hope message 
   4.    Begin a campaign on your campus, at your college, corporation or church 






















This is your opportunity to request Brandarius Johnson to visit your campus, college or church to deliver his Be The Hope inspirational message. 

This campaign is an amazing way to cultivate a positive conversation around mental health and what causes mental illness. Contact us today with any interest you have been working out the details to book your location or 2022 and 2023 speaking to tour schedule.

Join Me
Be The Hope
Wrapped In Hope



This is your opportunity to launch a heartfelt mental health program at your college, church, corporation and within a congressional district. Partnering organizations will have the ability to order: 


⁃    Customized shirts with your brand logo incorporated into the design. 

⁃    Bulk orders of signed books from Brandarius Johnson 

⁃    Solidarity banners to engage everyone to participate by signing. 

⁃    Mental health content delivered live or through zoom to disseminate content from NAMI.


This campaign is a unique way to promote your concerns around mental health and what causes mental illness. Contact us today with any interest you have been working out the details to book your location or 2022 and 2023 speaking to tour schedule.

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